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Dan Falcone - Managing Principal of NDM Hospitality

Dan Falcone

Managing Principal

Daniel was born and raised in South Florida and was exposed from a young age to the real-estate and hospitality industries. In 2011, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Florida State University’s School of Business with many aspirations. It wasn’t long after graduating that Daniel founded his family business, NDM Hospitality Services, with his two brothers.

NDM Hospitality’s first acquisition began in the restaurant industry. They became the first franchisee of the quick-service chain, BurgerFi. Daniel, along with his brothers, developed the business operations of the restaurants. He created company processes and procedures for all aspects of the company including training, daily operating tasks, human resources, and accounting. He started and led the BurgerFi marketing co-op in South Florida and continues to be involved with all facets of BurgerFi. Since the initial store opening, the company has grown to adding 7 additional BurgerFi locations while receiving awards for franchisee of the year, operator of the year, and leading the entire franchise in year-over-year sales growth.

In 2015, while achieving success and growth in the restaurant sector of their business, Daniel along with his brothers decided it was time to diversify NDM Hospitality’s portfolio of operations. It was at this time they created Rentyl Resorts. Rentyl Resorts is a hospitality-based technology, management, and services company that provides solutions to innovate all facets of the industry. With substantial growth and a continuously growing portfolio, Daniel manages various parts of the company’s operations, accounting, and finance departments.

Most recently, Daniel has been involved in NDM Hospitality’s newest ventures Rentyl Apartments and Spire Loyalty. He oversees Rentyl Apartments, which is a multi-family apartment management company that launched in 2021. In addition, he played an integral role in creating the processes and facilitation of building the innovative technology for the hospitality and real estate industries, Spire Loyalty, which will launch in 2022.

As a managing principal of the various companies under the NDM Hospitality Services umbrella, Daniel’s vision is to continue to sustain the rapid growth of the company they have seen thus far. He is proud to say that they have grown from an idea started by the three brothers to now employing more than 600 people throughout their companies’ combined.

Daniel Falcone is a man of loyalty, value, ambition, family, and hard work. When he is not working, Daniel loves to spend time with his wife and three children, watching Formula One, and skiing during the winter months.