Company Culture at NDM Hospitality

Our Mantra?

Win From Within

Our workplace culture was built around 5 shared values, beliefs and attitudes that continue to shape who we are today. Our system fosters an environment that rewards team members based on merit and performance.

Mutual Success. Loyalty. Work Ethic. Innovation. Respect. This is the NDM Hospitality way.

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NDM Hospitality Housekeeping Appreciation Lunch

Who We Are

We are an ambitious team with diverse backgrounds from around the globe. Goal setting for a clear growth path and mentorship are paramount. We are passionate about our work and our family. We value mutual success, loyalty, work ethic, innovation and respect. We work hard and smart as a team to bring happiness and satisfaction to our customers and ourselves.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Togetherness is at the heart of what we do. Each month we come together for celebrations and team bonding/building company wide. Team member favorites include:
Encore Resort - Finns Restaurant employees